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IMPORTANT CHANGES: SCCA General Meetings are now being held at the Radisson Hotel (8701 Astronaut Blvd, Cape Canaveral)  on Wednesdays through June 2024 with the exception of March 2024 because of the SCCA Annual Trade Show which will still be at Cocoa Beach Hilton Hotel. The meeting times remain as 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM.

The 2024 SCCA Trade Show is scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 16, 2024 (9:00 AM – NOON) at the Cocoa Beach Hilton.  See what fine  services and products our Business Associate Members have to offer. Please let your residents know about this event by posting this Flyer and encourage them to attend.  You can see what last year’s SCCA Trade Show was about by going to the video link at the bottom of this page

ACTION NEEDED UPDATE: A bill (SB 278) to prevent Associations from charging any fees for processing estoppels needed for sales of properties within their Associations, See this article by Attorney Jeffrey Rembaum . The SCCA has in the past and is still strongly opposed to this legislation, However, on January 9th, it passed its first hurdle through the FL Senate Judiciary Committee  by one vote although all of the public testimony and debate/comments from committee members from both political parties were in opposition to the bill.   Current legislation allows Associations to charge up to $250 to process these estoppels, which are eventually paid by the seller.  An amendment may be proposed for the Committee that would preserve our estoppel fee, but address the 3rd party bad actors who are charging outside the cap,  If not, this bill would go next to the Senate Fiscal Policy Committee. Legislative friends of Title Companies are behind this legislation to push these costs onto the Associations, which could wind up increasing their monthly member fees that have also been affected by rising insurance costs. As stated, SCCA has vigorously opposed this legislation in the past and hopes to stop it once again, but we need your help. Please review the following information in the links below and immediately send e-mails and/or call the various legislators to kill this bill:
NEW ACTION ITEM: Support for Community Association Corporate Transparency Act Exemption,  The Corporate Transparency Act was passed by the U.S. Congress in 2021. This law was passed in order to try to identify money laundering and terrorist financing. The consensus of association lawyers is that this law could apply to many condominium and homeowners associations despite the law giving many exemptions for many other entities and would subject them to many onerous filing and reporting requirements. More Act and contact information an be found HERE. Another recent article by Attorney Jeffrey Rembraum also covers “What Every Board Member and Manager Must Know” about this bill.
ACTION NEEDED: Because most of our  member Associations have been hit with the insurance crisis in Florida that has wrought large assessments or significant monthly fee increases for covering often staggering insurance costs, we need our members and many of their unit owners to contact the Florida Governor, the Chief Finance Officer,  and their state legislative representatives to help resolve the insurance problem.  In your submissions, please emphasize the amount of your insurance increases over the past two years and the direct impacts to your associations and owners  with specific examples, such as, how much fees have had to be increases some owners by increased monthly fees or large special assessments and how some owners might no longer will be able to afford their homes.   If they are also led to realize that this situation is adversely affecting a large number of their voters in an upcoming election year, they may be more inclined to take action.  Please, many calls, letters, e-mails, etc. to these politicians can make a difference!
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Notice: The address to which to send checks to SCCA has changed. The new address is as follows:
Sunrise Bank
c/o Association Banking
5604 N Atlantic Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

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