Legislative News for Florida Common Interest Ownership Housing Communities

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The 2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 Florida legislative session has completed their work on Condo/Homeowner Communities and their changes are now awaiting the Governor’s approval.  Check here often to find out what is going on of special interest to you and your common interest ownership community.

The Florida Senate Committee considering changes to SB 154 has met and there are still some problematic issues with the amended bill. The full Florida Senate and House will still be considering the bill during the upcoming legislative session. So please contact and get your neighbors to contact your Senator (Find Here) or Representative (Find Here). This bill still has serious impacts on condo boards and owners and we’ve listed the many concerns on this LINK to provide you with solid information to include in your submissions Also attached are some sample letters and/or talking points from a short slideshow for your use.

Links to HB 1395:Proposed Bill …. Description

Links to SB 154:Committee Substitute 1 …. Committee Substitute 2 …. Description