Legislative News for Florida Common Interest Ownership Housing Communities

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The 2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Florida legislative session is now underway.  Check here often to find out what is going on of special interest to you and your common interest ownership community.

  1. Community Association Leadership Lobby March 2021 Newsletter.  Subject: CALL Alert: Filing a Property Damage Claim Might Get Much Harder if HB 305 and SB 76 Pass.
  2. Sigfried Rivera Latest News and Events – News Alert: Governor DeSantis Signs COVID-19 Liability Bill. Subject: Florida Enacts Covid Liability Protections Law.
  3. Community Association Network Email.  Subject: The COVID Liability Protection Law: Why This Is Good News For Your Association.
  4. Community Association Network Call to Action. Subject: Contact Gov. DeSantis and Ask Him to Sign SB 630 Into Law!