The COVID Liability Protection Law: Why This Is Good News For Your Association.

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To learn more about this bill, visit this link to the staff analysis: For the full bill language, go here: Yours in Community, Alan Garfinkel and Dara Lahav 1-844-MYCANLAWS (692-2652) Board of Directors Bob Begley Jose Ramon Riestra, Jr. Ted Fox Robert Hendry Roger Kesselbach Cynthia Morales Frayda Morris Charles Parness Gary van der Laan Brad van Rooyen

Lease Witness Signature Requirement Eleminated

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House Bill 469 Becomes Effective on July 1, 2020 The Governor signed House Bill 469 on June 27, 2020, dealing with real estate conveyances. The bill removes the requirement under Section 689.01, Florida Statutes requiring a landlord to have two witnesses when signing a lease for a term of more than one year. The requirement for witnesses was limited to a landlord’s signature only and was designed to protect the grantor of the estate in the land. House Bill 469 …