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Community Support  – Video Series

SCCA will now be providing regular online interviews and video resources directly from our website. Stay tuned for snippets from our events you may have missed as well as conversations with vendors, advisors, managers, and board members on topics you want to know about. If you have a topic or question you would like to see answered or have a topic you would like to be featured in please contact Trevor Barone at (321) 775-5514 tbarone@bbbrevard.com

In this video, Trevor Barone, SCCA Director, interviews Eric Whynot, speaker at our January 21, 2017, meeting.

Here is a video interview with Jay Levine, Esq., on the topic of Document Amendments, which was the subject at our November 19, 2016, general meeting.

Here is the first of two interviews with speakers at our October 2016 meeting.

This one is with Maurice Carter.  The second, with Will Simmons, is immediately below this one.)

The Simons interview.

Here is an interview with the presenter for our September 17th meeting.

CERT Cocoa Beach Community Safety and Disaster Preparedness, June 25, 2016