2016-2017 Season

June 17, 2017

Presenter: Erik Whynot, Esq., Garfinkel Whynot Association Law
Subject: Mr. Whynot will address two important topics:
1. How will the laws passed by the Florida legislature this year impact you and the administration of your community?
2. (As time permits) Hurricane season is here and here are some things you should know to be ready if a storm strikes.



Presentation slides.  Here are the speaker’s presentation slides:

  1. Legislative Update

  2. Hurricane Preparedness

May 20, 2017

Presenters: Yeline Goin, Esq., Becker & Poliakoff Phil Masi, Assured Partners, Inc.
Subject: Anatomy of a Water Leak, the Legal and Insurance Implications




  1. There was no general membership meeting in March due to the SCCA Trade Show.  See our “Trade Show” tab for a video presentation about that event.

  2. Our April meeting was cancelled due to unexpected scheduling difficulties.

February 18, 2017

Presenter: KWA Engineers
Karins Engineering
Subject: Roof Evaluation & Replacement



January 21, 2017

Presenter: Erik Whynot, Esq., Garfinkel Whynot Association Law
Subject: Anatomy of an Association Project



In this video, Trevor Barone, SCCA Director, conducts a brief preview interview with Eric Whynot, speaker at our January 21, 2017, meeting.  The full meeting is available in audio above.

NOTE: SCCA was in holiday recess in December.

November 19, 2016

Presenter: Levine Law Group
Subject: Amending Your Association’s Documents


Here is a short preview video interview with Jay Levine, Esq., on the topic of Document Amendments, which was the subject at our November 19, 2016, general meeting.  The full meeting is available in audio above.

October 15, 2016


Association Reserves, a reserve study adviser firm Mr. Maurice Carter, a resident of River Bend Condominium Association of Brevard and one of our best association budgeters.


Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Association’s 2017 Budget


Here is the first of two brief preview interviews with speakers at our October 2016 meeting. This one is with Maurice Carter. The second, with Will Simmons, is immediately below this one. The full meeting is available in audio above.

The Simons interview.

September 17, 2016


Fox Outdoor Solutions, Melbourne, FL  Leesa Souto, Ph. D., Marine Resources Council,   Linda M. Seals, County Extension Director, Brevard County, Florida


Landscaping From Soup to Nuts including fertilization, trimming, irrigation, and contracting for landscaping services.


Here is a brief preview interview with the presenter for our September 17th meeting. The full meeting is available in audio above.

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