2008-2009 Season

August 23, 2008

Subject: Legislative Update, 2008 Session – Condominiums and HOAs. (Not including CAM & Mgt. Co. legislation, which will be addressed at our April 2009 meeting.)

Speaker: Pete Dunbar, Legislator and Author.



October 04, 2008

Subject: Disaster Mitigation–Associations’ Legal & Insurance Obligations

Speakers: Lou Biron and Paul Wean.



November 01, 2008

Subject: Disaster Mitigation–Engineer and General Contractor Roles & Commitments, How to Plan for a Rapid Response After a Disaster

Speakers: Greg Bonner, Bonner Building; Gary Teager, ECS-Florida; Tim Teasdale, Restore-1 Nationwide Rapid Response Companies

Audio Part 1

Audio Part 2
Audio Part 3


January 24, 2009

Subject:  Foreclosures. Strategies for Community Associations in a Troubled Credit and Economic Downturn.

Speakers:  Paul Wean, Helena Malchow and Eryn McConnell, Wean & Malchow, P.A.



February 28, 2009

Subject: Disaster Mitigation–Economic Disaster. “A How to Anticipate, Avoid and Handle Major Economic Problems from Major Damage, High Insurance Deductible, Owners in Arrears, Foreclosures.”

Speakers: Eight Speakers from the CAI Florida Legislative Alliance. Attorney, Banker, CPA and Managers.

(Note:  We regret that audio files are not available for this program.)

March 14, 2009

Subject: Annual Trade Show

April 25, 2009

Subject: Management Company Regulation Changes, How they affect Your Association

Speakers: Fred Gray, President of Gray Systems, Inc., Author of Gray’s Handbook of Community Association Management and Anthony B. Spivey, Executive Director, Regulatory Council of Community Association Mangers, Florida Department Of Business and Professional Regulation.


May 23, 2009

Subject: What an Engineer Can Do to Make a Major Project Successful–Produce a Specification, Write a Statement of Work, Write a Request for Proposal, Solicit Bids, Help Select a Contractor, Write a Contract, Negotiate the Contract, Oversee Contractor, Inspect to Ensure Work Quality, Ensure Completion of Job, and End the Project.

Speaker: David Colston, Structural Engineering Consultants.


June 20, 2009

Speaker: Gary Poliakoff, President, Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.

Subject: Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act. Potential Nationwide Common Condominium and HOA Laws.


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