Legislative Tracking Update – Florida House of Representatives

JP Koermer Legislation 2021, News

The following tracking events have occurred: CS/CS/SB 56 (2021) — Community Association Assessment Notices Approved by Governor: 06/16/21     S     Approved by Governor Additional bill information … CS/CS/SB 630 (2021) — Community Associations Approved by Governor: 06/16/21     S     Approved by Governor Additional bill information …

Florida HOA Lawyer Blog – New Post: Additional 2021 Legislative Updates

JP Koermer Legislation 2021, News

Additional 2021 Legislative Updates Posted: 19 May 2021 12:30 PM PDT This year’s legislative session proved to be a busy one, with a number of bills passed by the Florida Legislature that will impact community associations throughout the state. We recently covered the passing of Senate Bill 72 in our blog, also known as the Civil Liability for Damages Relating to COVID-19, which you can access by clicking here. The following are summaries of additional bills that have passed the …

The COVID Liability Protection Law: Why This Is Good News For Your Association.

JP Koermer Legislation 2021, News

To learn more about this bill, visit this link to the staff analysis: https://flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/72/Analyses/2021s00072.rc.PDF For the full bill language, go here: https://flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/72/BillText/er/PDF Yours in Community, Alan Garfinkel and Dara Lahav www.CANLAWS.com 1-844-MYCANLAWS (692-2652) Board of Directors Bob Begley Jose Ramon Riestra, Jr. Ted Fox Robert Hendry Roger Kesselbach Cynthia Morales Frayda Morris Charles Parness Gary van der Laan Brad van Rooyen

2021 Legislative Season

JP Koermer Legislation 2021

The 2021 legislative session convened on March 2, 2021, and adjourns on April 30, 2021.  We will begin to post information as it becomes available and will follow through after the end of the session as bills go to the governor for approval or veto. (Note.  Other messages linked on our home page reflect information related to the 2021 session, which will disappear once the information about the 2022 sessions postings begin.)