Where did “News to Use” go?

Clay Witt Announcements

If you are a long term user of our website you know that one of its most valuable features was a section called “News to Use.”  There you would find a very large number of links to articles by leading law and insurance firms, etc.  It was a great place to go for researching what experts had to say about some issue affecting your community.

Not to worry, that content is still here, but now it is organized in a way that we hope will be even more useful to you.  If you click on the “News” link at the upper right, you will be taken to a page that features approximately 10 of the most recent articles.  Think of this as an easy way to follow the latest articles.

But our new website now has an even more powerful feature, which you can access via a hyperlink in the introductory text of the main news page or by clicking on the “Archives By Topic” link on the news drop down menu.  For the first time you can directly access a treasure trove of articles grouped by the subject you are interested in instead of having to hunt for them in a very long list that includes articles on many topics.  There is information on more than 50 topics ranging from “Annual Meeting” to “Water Damage/Leaks.”

We need to let you know that this section is still under development.  We transferred several hundred articles dating back to 2010 here from our old site.  The newer ones are all here and indexed waiting for you.  The older articles will all be indexed too, but that will take time.

Finally, we know that some of the links you find here now are to articles that may no longer be there. Most of the links are to articles on the websites of law firms and other businesses catering to community associations.  We have no control over those sites and sometimes information that was there one day may be gone the next for a variety of reasons. To make the long story short, yes we know that there may be some dead links here now, but as we work over the next month or so to finish up these dead links will be removed.

There is a special situation with articles from the law firm of Becker & Poliakoff. They completely redesigned their website recently and it appears that many fine older articles they had were dropped in the process. We have been assured that they are aware of this situation and are working to restore the links to those articles. Therefore we have left our links to those articles intact even though you may get a “Page not found” error message until they restore the link.