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The 2010 Legislative Session


1.       SB 1196

2.       Advocacy Group Comments on SB 1196

3.       News Articles Concerning Signing of 1196

4.       Text of Other New 2010 Legislation of Interest to Community Associations

5.       Comments on Other Bills

SB 1196

SB 1196 BECAME LAW ON JULY 1, 2010!  A major common interest ownership housing bill, Senate Bill 1196, was passed by the Florida Senate 38 to 0 on April 16th and by the Florida House by 107 to 4 on Wednesday, April 28th.  Gov. Crist signed it into law on June 1.  The changes in the bill are effective on July 1, 2010.  Condominium, Cooperative, and Homeowners' associations are all affected to some degree.


Read the complete text of SB 1196 by clicking HERE


Important note about protected information in condominium and home owners association recordsGenerally speaking, records of common interest ownership housing associations are open for inspection and copying by owners of properties governed by those associations.  However, as Gary Poliakoff, Esq., noted at our June 26th meeting, one of the many important changes made by SB 1196 was an expansion of the the list of information that condominium and homeowners associations may have in their records that the association must not make accessible to owners.  References which follow are to page numbers of the final text of SB 1196, which you may access via the above link:

1.       For condominium associations, see the amendments to 718.111(12)(c) beginning on page 24.  The list of protected information may be found on pages 26 and 27.

2.       For homeowners associations, see the amendment to 720.303(5)(c) beginning on page 88.  The list of protected information may be found on pages 89 and 90.

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Advocacy Group Comments on SB 1196

The following are informational bulletins released by Florida common interest ownership housing advocacy groups concerning SB 1196.  They are posted unedited, with permission, alphabetically by organization.

                Note:  Contains a brief thumbnail sketch of SB 1196 topics.

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News Articles Concerning Signing of 1196

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Text of Other New 2010 Legislation of Interest to Community Associations

1.       HB 663

2.       HB 713

3.       HB 751

4.       HB 1035

5.       HB 1411

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Comments on Other 2010 Bills

  1. CALL (Community Association Leadership Lobby) Alerts--
    June 2nd Alert "GOVERNOR CRIST TAKES ACTION ON NUMEROUS BILLS AFFECTING COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS, INCLUDING SB 1196"  (Also see "Summary of 2010 community association bills signed by Gov. Crist, above.)

  2. June 1 Blog "Design Professional Liability and Property Insurance Bills Vetoed by Governor Crist"

  3. July 14 Condolaw blog "New law helps shine light on previously buried automatic renewal clauses!"

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