About Us

Space Coast Communities Association is a DBA of Space Coast Condominiums Association, Inc.-- a not-for-profit association incorporated on June 17, 1975, Charter Number 7-33800.

While we began years ago as Space Coast Condominiums Association, providing educational services to condominium associations and their boards of administration, we have expanded our horizon over the years to welcome home owners', cooperative, and time share associations too.  The number of our common interest ownership housing association members has grown to represent approximately 19,000 residential units.  Therefore we are now known as Space Coast Communities Association.  We also include among our members many businesses, mostly Brevard county small businesses, that provide goods and services to our common interest ownership housing association members.  We hope to continue building on our heritage of service to all Central Florida common interest ownership communities. 



1. Voting Members: Any formal or informal organization representing the owners of units in a residential common interest community association (except when controlled by the developer) may become a voting member. Condominium, home-owners, timeshare, and cooperative community associations are all welcome.

2. Associate Members: The Board of Directors may approve Individuals and organizations as associates (non-voting members) who have interests that are consistent with the purposes of the SCCA. Currently SCCA has business and individual associate members in this category.


The property, affairs, activities and concerns of SCCA are vested in a Board of Directors.  Directors are elected at the annual members' meeting and serve two-year terms. Officers of SCCA are elected by the directors annually at the organizational meeting held immediately following the annual members' meeting and serve one-year terms. Mid-term Director and Officer vacancies are filled by the Directors, with the appointed individuals serving until the expiration of the term of the person who held the vacant position.  Only unit owners of voting-member organizations can serve as Directors and Officers.  Directors and Officers serve without compensation.


General Membership Meetings are usually scheduled for the third Saturday of each month, except that no monthly meetings are normally scheduled for July, August, or December.  The Board of Directors meets after each Membership Meeting. The annual Membership Meeting occurs in January or February of each year.


Membership dues are payable in advance upon joining SCCA and annually thereafter on the first of the month in which the member joined. (See our "Join SCCA" page for membership applications which include dues amounts for each type of member.)


Membership meetings provide educational programs tailored to the special interests of the membership. The objectives are to: